5 Wellbeing Activity Ideas for Families

Wellbeing is a word that is getting more and more popular within society and modern culture. But how do we in fact incorporate positive wellbeing into our daily schedulesThat is why we have developed this blog to help you embed positive wellbeing into yours and your child’s schedule. 

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Table of Contents

Be Fun


Having fun is something that people need to understand that they can still do without feeling guilty or acting to serious. 

Laughter therapy is one of the ways to start having fun and promote positive wellbeing. The idea is simple, to just start laughing- we know that this might seem strange at first but trust us on this one! 

You can start of by actual fake laughing or just mimicking the motions. Most people who start off pretending will often find themselves laughing properly by the end of the session, but if not, it doesn’t matter – the body can’t tell the difference between fake laughter and the real thing. 

Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles and increases your endorphin levels. You may find it is very infectious especially with children. We recommend to set some time in the day (possibly in the morning) to practice laughter therapy.  

For more information and to get started follow: @katie_brindle

Be Physical

These past two years have seen more and more children and families be more interested in getting outside and into nature due to Covid-19 and restrictions. 

To improve on this further why not introduce an after-lunch activity we like to call “The After Lunch March” while eating food in the afternoon can lead children feeling tired and sleepy. 

Get them full of energy again by doing an after-lunch march this can be on the spot while watching their favourite cartoon show or marching in laps around the garden.  

The idea is to boost your child’s energy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

Be Social

Covid-19 has presented us with challenging times for our social interaction with others. This can be detrimental to a child’s positive wellbeing, not being able to play and socialize with friends.  

As we are close to nearly all lockdown restrictions being lifted get out and into nature this Summer with your children- plan playdates in parks or nature trails and experience being part of society again.  

Giving your child these memories and fun times with others again can really lift their self- esteem, confidence and social skills that may have depleted during lockdown. Being social and having a great support network even for yourself is good practice of wellbeing.  

Be Calm


Schedule quite activities throughout the day where your child can reflect, relax and wind down.  

This can take many forms such as reading, writing in a reflective journal, yoga or meditating.  We recommend scheduling these activities towards the end of the day so your child feels chilled before sleep. These activities can be done together as a family unit or independently which ever your child and yourself feels most confident with.  

The idea of being clam can be taken one step further with using calming/ambient music that adheres to the activity your child is doing also, for more information about how meditation can impact and improve wellbeing check out our meditation blog. 

Be Greatful

 Showing you are grateful improves not only your wellbeing but the others around you as well. Which is something that we have learnt is very important given the circumstances for this reason we have come up with a few activities we think you should try with your child: 

  • What are you grateful for?- At the end of the day (maybe at dinner) have a deep family discussion what everyone was grateful for that day. Make sure to let everyone have their say and not discriminate their answers or opinions about their feelings and goals.  
  • Something for someone else- It’s the gift of giving that can boost our wellbeing and bring a smile to our face knowing we have done something good.  
  • Video/Phone Call- A video or phone call to friends or family is just a gentle reminder of how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for them to be in your life.  

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