User Guide

We’ve designed the Guide to Life to be as easy to use as possible. 

However, a User Guide is always nice to have. 

If you are stuck, please get in touch: [email protected]  

Table of Contents

Teacher Portal

The Teacher Portal allows you to: 

  1. set up a class so they can use the student app; 
  2. assign and track student activities; and
  3. access our curriculum plans and lesson plans.  

Logging In

Log into the Teacher Portal by clicking the red button at the top of our website or by clicking here.  

Your username is you email address and the default password is “password”. 

If you would like to sign up for access, please complete the form here

School login

Teacher Dashboard

Once logged in you will see our Guide to Life Dashboard. 


Allows a teacher to  allocate usernames and passwords to students so they can access the student app. 

Curriculum Plans

Shows a week by week guide to the content delivered in all classes. 


Lesson Plans

Detailed Lesson Plans each divided into  sections such as: Guide, Learn, Take Notice, Be Active, Give, Connect and Life, 

Custom Activities

Teachers can set activities for students to complete in the app. 

Assign Activities 

Give students activities to do on the app

Track Activities 

See which students have completed their Activities and what they thought and felt. 


The Classes option on the Dashboard lets teachers create, edit or delete classes. 

Class list

In each class, teachers can add students, amend students, control their passwords and print class lists. 

When first setting up a class, we recommend “send list of pupils to Emile“. (We are fully GDPR compliant and registered at the Information Commissioner’s Office. )

We can setup all your students quickly so you are ready to Assign Activities

Year 1 Class Example

Curriculum Plans

The Curriculum Plans allow teachers to see an overview of a topic and week by week themes. 

Lesson Plans

All Lesson Plans include: videos, editable powerpoints, an A4 summary pdf and an Activity that can be assigned to students for them to complete in the Student App.

lesson plan

Custom Activities

Teacher can create their own Activities for students to complete in the Student App either in class or at home. 

Activities could include “make something with sticks and leaves”, “do something nice for a friend or relative” or even “sit quietly for 10 minutes and listen”. 

Remember you can always use the pre-made Activities.  

Assign Activities

From here, teachers can set any of over 100 pre-made Activities. 

set activities

Track Activities

Teachers can track Activities by: 

  • individual students,
  • classes or
  • assignments.
Our Tracking has been designed to highlight areas where your students may need additional support. 

Student App

The Student App allows students to: 

  1. access their wellbeing warrior 
  2. do activities assigned by teachers; and
  3. access strategies, challenges and games to help improve their wellbeing.  

Download the App

Download the Student App by clicking the purple button at the top of our website or by clicking here.  

Students usernames are set by teachers in the Teacher Portal

School login

Logging In

Students log into the app using the details created in under Classes in the Teacher Portal.

Students can find their school either by name or by post code. 

app login

Wellbeing Warrior

Every student gets their own Wellbeing Warrior. 

By completing Challenges and Activities, their warrior will “level up” in one of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.


Students can see Activities assigned to them by their teachers, mark them as complete and give feedback. 


Students can access strategies and techniques to help their wellbeing and support what they have learned in class. 



Students can challenge themselves to improve their wellbeing  via a number of pre-made (age appropriate) challenges. 

Everytime they complete one, they can level up their Wellbeing Warrior.