7 Stress-relieving activities for your kids

stress-relieving activities
Stress-relieving activities for you and your kids to enjoy this weekend.

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Why are stress-relieving activities important? ūü§Ē

Due to the pandemic, it is no surprise that the number of stressful situations we face is rising.¬† For children¬†it’s¬†important¬†for their wellbeing to be able to relax and to not be as overwhelmed by changing factors in their lives.¬†

At Guide to Life, we strongly believe that each child should have a healthy wellbeing and lifestyle, that is why we have cultivated these 7 top activities for feeling more stress-free! 

Play Games ūüéģ

We all know that playing games is a fun activity and they are the best way to distract the mind. Whether it be physical or online it is no wonder that playing games is the most trending fun activity.  

Get back into playing games as a family! This can be with family game days/nights with board games, console multiplayer games and even outdoor activities. However, we do understand that as the world has developed and become more digitalised that online app games have become more popular with the younger generation. There are many anti-stress games that can help with stress with children, anytime, anywhere!  

stress-relieving activity

Some stress-relieving games include: 

Toonia Colouring Book 

Animal Crossing 

Minecraft (Creative Mode) 

The Sailor’s Dream

Laugh and Cuddle ūü§£

Laughing believe it or not is a great stress reliever! It discharges endorphins and additional healthy hormones and drives your mind away from stressful thoughts. Therefore, laughing leaves, you in a positive state of mind and this is something we encourage to do with your children preferably in the morning. The reason behind this, is it helps to make you and your children feel light, relaxed and cheerful all day long.  

Tell a joke, make a funny face or fake laugh until it turns into uncontrollable laughter. We dare you to try it! 

When you cuddle with someone you care about, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin that calms you and makes you more likely to deal better with stress. Make sure to have cuddle time with your children to make them less stressed and know you are there to support them.  

Gardening and Nature ūüĆ≥

teacher easter wellbeing resource- PSHE

Nature is all around us and getting attached to nature is another way to relax. Taking in the scenery and being in tune with your senses hearing birds, breathing in the fresh air and the feeling on the sun on your face is all part of being at one with nature. 

But how do we achieve this same feeling with children? Gardening with kids is a fun stress-relieving activity providing an inner satisfaction when plants are planted, tended to and are growing.  

For more information on tips of getting kids into nature activities have a look at our previous blogs: 

Colour ūüé®

From a young age we associate with colour with different feelings, emotions and activities these can become a reason for good and bad moods. So, playing with them for a child can improve the good and get rid of stress. 

You can do this together and colour with different materials exploring and rediscovering different techniques etc. This is quite a fun stress relieving activity and also a great time killer.  

Some examples of kits and painting/colouring books: 

easter wellbeing activity

Music and Dance ūü©į

Music and songs provide a distraction and motivation throughout the day, they can also soothe you down and calm you.¬†Play fun¬†kid’s¬†songs while your kids do chores or have¬†an¬†hour of dancing your heart out together.¬†¬†

If your children find it difficult to travel invest in headphones for them to listen to their favourite music on the go. It may make a great difference for a child to feel less stressed. 

Join clubs like dance can also help with stress relief and get your child to socialise after Covid-19. Starting a new hobby this way can be exciting and something to look forward to while coming back to normality.  

stress-relieving activities

Gratitude Sandwich ūü•™

This isn’t a typical sandwich, but is one that we advise you try with your children when they are stressed.  

It works by sandwiching one thing that has gone wrong in between two thing you are grateful for. You can write them down together or put them in a song- this allows you and your children to really focus on the good things.  

In a world where most of us spend far too much time listening to negative thoughts inside our heads¬†it’s¬†an important learning outcome to¬†challenge¬†these and get on the road to being stress-free

stress-relieving activities

Positive Message ūüíĆ

stress-relieving activities

Our heads are probably very cluttered right now with getting back to normal, children can become stressed¬†out and fil their minds with many negative thoughts in this time.¬†As our brains are constantly running¬†it’s¬†important to reinforce positive thoughts.¬†¬†

Fill up a clear jar with¬†positive¬†notes and messages that you have created with your children on pieces of paper that cancel out the negative. When someone feels stressed or down pick out a positive comment or fill with more¬†it’s¬†totally up to you.¬†

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