Covid-19 Restrictions End – 5 Tips to stay positive

Stay Positive- As England have decided to end the restrictions put in place due to covid-19 on the 19th July we here at GTL can understand that this may have a negative impact on your wellbeing.

That’s why we have cultivated 5 tips to stay positive during this time.  

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Table of Contents

What happens now?

As of the 12th July Boris Johnson had decided to go ahead with ending all restrictions that are to do with Covid-19 in the UK on the 19th July 2021.  

So, the question is what happens now in terms of trying to stay positive and safe? 

In his speech on the 12th July Boris urged the country to still wear face coverings and maintain Covid-19 restrictions where possible however, it isn’t mandatory.  

  • What restrictions will stay in force? 

Restrictions that will stay in force are if you test positive for coronavirus or have been in close proximity of someone who has then you must self-isolate. (Self-isolating from being in close proximity of someone for under 18s from 16th August will not be necessary). People who have had two vaccinations will only need to isolate for 10 days.  

Border restrictions will also stay in place depending on the status of the country from which people have travelled.  

  • Has anything changed over face coverings? 

Face coverings will be left to the public’s own responsibility when the restrictions are lifted however, they are urged to use them where necessary by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. However, ministers have stated that the public will be “expected” to wear a face covering or cover their faces in crowded indoor areas such as public transport and shops. 

NOTE: That on rail and transit, operators can make wearing a mask mandatory condition of carriage.  

There is no official rules in place for shop owners or pharmacies to wear face coverings or to make it mandatory for customers to wear them.  

For more information check out this article  

Do things at your own pace

stay positive

It might be your first instinct to make loads of plans and fill up all your days with activities. Only do this if you feel confident about doing so, sometimes having a lot of events and social meetings in your calendar can become overwhelming.  

Going at your own pace and easing your way back in to social life is normal- make it comfortable for you as much as possible and make sure you feel safe in your choices. 

Build up your confidence as time goes on and stay positive.  

Information from reliable resources

There is a lot of confusing and conflicting information about Covid-19 and what is happening on the roadmap to restrictions being lifted. This in turn makes it hard to gather and trust the right information to try and stay positive. 

If you are seeking the most reliable information stick to trusted resources such as NHS Covid-19 pages 

Find a new routine

We all know that when lockdown started that our routines changed too. Coming out the other side of lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions lifting some may find it hard to stay positive and may be overwhelmed.  

Therefore, to make things easier try and find routine where possible, this can reflect your old or new tasks but most importantly is something that can stay the same each day so it’s nothing new expected that can overwhelm you.   

Time to relax/meditate

It’s all exciting now that everything has opened up again and that we can see friends and family. Although, we still need time to relax…taking time out of your day to take some deep breaths is something that can be really beneficial for staying positive. 

It doesn’t have to be a huge chunk of your day that you do this, quick breath exercises/meditation can be found easily online with durations of around 5-10 minutes.  

Support Network

When lockdown started everyone felt lonely and isolated due to being at home away from friends and family.  

Now as we start to go back to normal it can become quite daunting; is this is the case for you make sure you have a support network around you who understand what you are going through and want to be there to listen to your thoughts and feelings.  

If you live with others, it may be beneficial to talk to them about their concerns and expectations of the changes as well. Being aware of your own and others fears and expectations can help avoid conflict.  

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