Random Acts of Kindness Day Teaching Resources 2021

random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness day is fast approaching (17th February), this year’s theme is “Explore the World”.

We have included in this blog some teaching resources to get Random Acts of Kindness Day off to a flying start in 2021! 

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Hello! Greetings Cards

These are a great way to spread the word about random acts of kindness awareness day. 

Pupils can decorate the front of their Hello! Greeting card and write and kind message on the back for a family member or friend. 

  • BONUS: Students can stick their Hello! Greeting Cards on their windows at home (with parents/carers permission) to spread kindness to passers-by. 

Kindness Chatterbox

Your class will love making these kindness chatterboxes.

Get your class to think of different acts of kindness they can do today. 

Use the worksheet down below and tell pupils to add their acts of kindness on to the chatterboxes. 

Follow the steps in making them and see what random acts of kindness pupils play out throughout the day.

Act of Kindness Challenge!

Click image to download

Challenge your students to do something for others! 

  • Use the kindness calendar above and set your pupils the challenge of spreading kindness to others. These random acts of kindness challenges can spark motivation for completing a task and create a positive habit.

Give them a goal to meet.

  • You can keep track of their progress in completing their random acts of kindness by setting an amount of “kindness tasks” they have to complete each week. Pupils can then mark the task complete on their “Kindness Calendar” by colouring in the corresponding box.

Encourage them to show kindness to others throughout the day themselves, and see what a difference THEY can make.

Temperature Check

random acts of kindness

Begin each day of class by asking your pupils “How are you feeling today?”.  

  • An emotional check-in like this can re-enforce to your class that we are all human and that we can sometimes have feelings and emotions that change and don’t feel as good. 
  • Pupils can share and talk with others about their feelings or share with the class.  
  • As a teacher this can alert to some fragile feelings or moods within the class. Therefore, you can be mindful of this and take the steps to make certain pupils feel better. For example, talk with the student after class about their emotions. 

Bonus-Colouring Poster

Check out this awesome colouring poster for “Explore the Good” supplied by www.randomactsofkindness.org 

  • Set your class a colouring in task to keep them busy while also, exploring colour and the theme of kindness. 
  • Your class can make a mural of these posters or if you are in lockdown they can display them however they please to spread the thought of “Random Acts of Kindness Day”.

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