PSHE Lesson Plans

Tested and Ready to GO

Guide to Life lesson plans are designed to inspire and engage children to begin to look after their own wellbeing. Each lesson has practical activities, techniques and strategies to embed learning and a check-in time for the children to reflect and keep learning about themselves, others and the wider world.

Teachers can set children ‘Life’ activities for children and parents to complete at home, to further extend their learning, using the Guide to Life family app.

PSHE Lesson Plans

Lessons Plans are structured into 6 sections:

1. Guide

An introduction to the lesson, learning objectives and scene setting

2. Connect

An activity to encourage children to connect with themselves, each other and the world around them

3. Learn

Activities to help children to explore their own wellbeing and what wellbeing means to them; an opportunity to ask the ‘big questions’ and help children to develop their learning in a safe space

4. Be Active Take Notice Give

Activities to inspire and provoke thought and deeper understanding; practical techniques & strategies for children to use inside and outside the classroom to develop personal wellness

5. Check In

Reflection and exploration questions and activities to enhance metacognitive skills and embed learning

6. Life

Activities, strategies and techniques for children to practice at home. Life activities will be available on the Guide to Life app for families to use to support their wellbeing whenever and wherever they want