5 Great Nature Activities to Try this Weekend

The summer holidays are just around the corner, get your children out this weekend and back into nature with these great wellbeing activities this weekend.

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Table of Contents

Recycled Planter Project


Give your recycled rubbish a new lease of life. This project teaches your children about the sustainability in recycling and promotes nature and how not recycling can affect our planet all while being creative therefore, promoting a positive and healthy mindset with this wellbeing activity.  

Get started with our downloadable step-by-step guide! 

You will need the following: 

  • Old plastic containers or cartons 
  • Paints 
  • Wool/other craft materials you can find for decoration  
  • Glue  
  • Scissors  
  • Mixture of top soil and compost 
  • Suitable rocks, gravel or broken pots 
  • Seeds or seedlings 

Begin by planning and designing a planter and selecting appropriate materials. Next get creative with an eye-catching artistic design. It could be a colourful abstract design, a rocket, a train an animal – whatever the container suggests! 

Plant the seed and learn about the requirements for a plant to grow. Select something like strawberries to grow and the pupils can nurture them in school before taking them home for the summer in their planters to harvest and enjoy the fruit. Invite feedback on how they used the strawberries. 


Tin Can Bug Hotel

Perfect for a home activity to get your children into caring about the outdoors and protecting nature with this tin can but hotel activity by BACKYARD NATURE. 

All you will need is an old tin can, a can opener, natural materials like sticks and bark, cardboard and a sheltered spot.

Once you’ve built your tin can bug hotel, share your creations with the world using #BackyardNature. And don’t forget to go back and discover all the different visitors you attract! 

Nature Themed Dress-up

Nearly every child loves to dress-up explore their creatively and freedom together with theme of the natural world and nature. 

Try out some of these ideas: 

– Make a nature crown out of leaves, cardboard or twigs. 

– Use a cardboard box and paints to make beautiful butterfly wings. 

– Turn yourself into your favourite animal with a simple mask. 

Cloud Watching

Have you ever looked up at the sky and started to see different sorts of shapes and images form by the clouds? Can your child create stories from the shapes and characters they see? 

The idea of this is simple look up at the clouds on a clear day and stop and watch for a while together.  

  • Can you describe their movement their movement? – Fast, slow, steady, you can be creative on the words and phrases you use.  
  • Clouds can create pictures and stories in the sky. Ask your child can they see and distinctive images in the clouds? – Do they stay the same or change into something else? 
  • Write a story together about the characters and pictures you can see or a poem describing the clouds movements.  


Another form of activity for cloud watching is finding out about the different clouds in the sky, do you know what types of cloud there are? The UK Met Office has lots of information about clouds, including how to identify them here 

  • Keep a track of the different clouds you both can see at different times of the day, week, month or even the year.  
  • To go more in-depth can your child estimate how much cloud coverage there is (for example 50% of the sky) including the direction? Or speed? (You could time how long a cloud takes to move between two points) and then compare with the online forecast. 


For the artsy child encourage to record the clouds images 

  • Try using different mediums like sketching, painting or taking photographs.  
  • You can even make a time lapse video of the clouds moving across the sky. Then think of a piece of music that would go with this. 
  • Or editing the photos using your device to add special effects, crate different versions or make a collage? 

Outdoor Symphony

The Outdoor symphony activity encourages children to listen to everything going on outside and think about different ways of recreating and recording the sounds. This can be a form of meditation and relaxation by tuning in to the sounds that are around you and how they reflect their perception of nature.  

  • To do this activity children turn off indoor sounds (TV, Smart Devices etc.) and either open the window or go outside.  
  • Close their eyes and listen carefully. 
  • What can they hear? Are there any birds? Can they recreate the sounds? What would the sounds look like if they wrote them down, or drew them?  

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