Surviving Lockdown as a Parent
-10 Top Tips to Promote Learning at Home

So, you’re in lockdown. Are you ready?  No?

Don’t worry we have some top tips to get you through…

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A top priority is to have is an established routine to help everyone in your family settle back into lockdown circumstances. An example of this could look like: 

  1. Wake up/ free time 
  2. Breakfast 
  3. Chores (if needed) 
  4. Learning activities and virtual classroom with school 
  5. Lunch 
  6. Independent time  
  7. Family learning time 
  8. Outside/fresh air (get active) 
  9. Dinner 
  10. Screen time (facts and questions) 

You can personalise this to make the right routine that fits you and your family. Sticking to a routine can anchor us and the predictability of routine can offer some comfort in an otherwise unpredictable world. 

You can use our downloadable weekly schedule to make life easier!


Get Outdoors

5 ways to wellbeing

Simply going for a walk or on a bike ride with your family can help to step away from the overwhelming stresses of lockdown life, enjoy each other’s company and get back into nature, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle.  

learning at home

To make your time outdoors more fun check out: 

Social Media

  • Get connected! Just remember you’re not alone, something positive that has surfaced from Covid-19 is the support of others on social media. Join groups and follow influencers that support wellbeing and aid parents in these tough times.  

Positive influencers: 

Positive social media groups: 

Even creating a group chat or parents’ page for your children’s school parents and carers for helpful and useful tips/activities…you never know who needs the help 

Quizzes & Online Game Time

As children are not at school, they are probably missing seeing their friends and connecting, creating and strengthening friendships.  

Give them time to reconnect with each other online through a game or quiz, this gives them something to look forward to and keeps them engaged with one another in a safe environment created by parents.  

learning at home

Some examples include: 

  • Lockdown quizzes 
  • Favourite film quiz (Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars) 
  • Minecraft 
  • Skribblio  

Making Lunch Healthy

learning at home

It’s not new news that healthy food and lifestyles promote healthy wellbeing! 

Get together at lunch time and implement healthy snacks into your children’s diet as well as your own while showing your children vital life skills in cooking. 

Fun lunch time recipes ideas: 


Apps, Audiobooks & Podcasts

These are a perfect way to keep you sane during the lockdown as well as keeping the brain juices flowing with educational podcasts for the kids, perfect for learning at home.

Emile Education

The fundamentals to keep learning are being curious, seeking out new experiences and stimulating the brain. 

Blast off to the universe of knowledge with Emile, Scrambler and Aimee with Emile Education a fun and competitive app for children to learn Maths and English with game-based learning.  

  • Emile is offering FREE access throughout lockdown for teachers to sign up their classes for homework and resources.  
learning at home

Documentaries, Questions & Facts

To promote learning and retention of information get your kids to watch a documentary on Amazon, Netflix, Disney+ (National Geographic), etc. 

Afterwards, set a couple of questions that they can answer and for a fact they can remember from the documentary – discuss as a family unit! 

  • Note: From the 11th January 2021 the BBC is dedicating a three-hour block of primary school programming from 9 am on CBBC each weekday. Including, BBC Bitesize Daily, Horrible Histories, and much more…
  • Bonus: If you have older children in High School, BBC 2 will cater to the GSCE curriculum with programmes that support students learning with two hours of content each weekday. 
  • Get the full story here

Time for You & Working

Allocation of time for yourself is important. Whether it’s taking time to watch your favourite show or attending that important meeting. You need a little break throughout the day. 


Set time aside for quiet time, this can be for your children to do some silent reading, researching something for a project or activity they want to try or get a head start on chores and homework. 

learning at home

Chore Wheel & Star of the Week

Simple but effective to get children to behave with a small incentive to strive to be good.  

Examples of chores: 

  • Wash/drying the dishes 
  • Clean their room 
  • Take the rubbish out 
  • Wash the car 
  • Feed pets? 
Click image to download

Examples of when they can attain stars: 

  • Taking notice of a family member in need 
  • Behaving throughout important calls and meetings/staying on task 
  • Good report from school 
  • No arguments with siblings  Taking initiative to clean something or put something away 
Click image to download

Examples of incentives:

  • Sweet snack 
  • Magazine or small toy 
  • Extra time on games
  • Pocket Money 
  • Choosing family movie
5 ways to wellbeing

We hope you have found these top ten tips for learning at home helpful! 

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