Improve Wellbeing in YOUR School –
7 Top Tips for the SLT

Improve wellbeing in your school
These top tips are for the SLT to help improve wellbeing in their school. Based on “A whole school framework for emotional well-being and mental health” by the National Children’s Bureau, which included a summary of systematic reviews by Professor Weare, we hope these help.

Table of Contents

1. Whole School Thinking

A ‘whole school approach’ ensures that all parts of the school organisation – staff and students – work coherently together.  Students, staff and the whole school community must be accepting of emotions and vulnerability with warm relationships and the celebration of differences. 

2. Whole Community

Give pupils and families authentic and meaningful involvement in decision making particularly those of pupils in difficulties.

3. Staff Awareness

Raise awareness about mental health problems in children and the school’s responsibility to identify them and intervene early. 

School wellbeing - staff meeting

4. Interventions

High-quality implementation of specific interventions (such as  Guide to Life) and integration of  these interventions into the mainstream processes of school life.

5. Policies

Robust policies in key areas such as behaviour, anti-bullying and diversity are key and implementing them consistently and rigorously. If the policies are not implemented consistently and rigorously either change the policies or change behaviour.

6. Behaviour Management

Respond wisely to ‘difficult’ behaviour, both responding actively with clear consequences and also understanding its deeper roots, taking opportunities to model and teach positive alternatives. 

school wellbeing - angry child

7. Targeted Responses

Where particular pupils experience difficulties, provide a clear pathway for help and referral, using a coherent team approach, including in the involvement of outside agencies such as CAMHS. Consider providing more targeted and intense work on social and emotional skill development for pupils in difficulties, including one to one and group work

improve wellbeing in your school targeted response

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