🎃Halloween Learning Activities for Primary Schools 2021🎃

Something wicked this way comes, and its name is Halloween! Get your classroom set for the spooky season with these fang-tastic learning activities.

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Table of Contents

🎃Halloween Learning Activities🎃

As Halloween is fast approaching it’s time for a spell-bounding Halloween to make its arrival into the classroom. Halloween is a great chance to mix things up and get spooky with some fun and exciting, ghoulish lessons 

From Halloween arts and crafts to ideas for ways to incorporate Halloween into your Maths and English lessons, we’ve gathered some “Fa-boo-lous” Halloween activities ideas for you and your pupils. 

🎃Measure & Weigh Pumpkins🎃

Bring in a selection of pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes or inform each pupil to bring in their own pumpkin. You can weigh the pumpkins using scales and measure their circumference using a tape measure as part of a Pump-tastic Halloween themed Maths lesson. 

  • Take the fun one step further and get your pupils into the creative mood with some pumpkin carving afterwards. 

🎃Pumpkin King Diary Entry🎃

The Pumpkin King is a notorious character from the Nightmare Before Christmas an awesome Halloween/Christmas Movie. As shown in the film Jack Skellington (A.K.A the Pumpkin King) spends every year getting ready for Halloween.  

Get your class to write diary entries as if they were the Pumpkin King. This can be a fun way to get them thinking about someone else and what they have to go through in life and get those feelings down on paper! 

You can use the Diary Entry Worksheet down below… 

🎃Shakespeare Spells🎃

The witches from Macbeth are an awesome inspiration for creepily fun activities. You could spend some time teaching your pupils about how witches were perceived during the Shakespearian time period to provide context. 

Can they use this as inspiration in groups to create their own spell? 

BONUS: Get your pupils in groups of three and act out the three witches spell from Macbeth…have a competition on who can do their best witchin’ voice! 

🎃"Gruesome" Tales🎃

Let your pupils’ imaginations run wild with these story starters. Set the mood with spooky music or a night-time soundscape as they start their own spooky stories and gruesome tales. 

Don’t forget to all reconvene for circle time where the most terror-ific stories get to be told…you can use props such as a flash light and the light dimmed for dramatic effect just like telling real ghost stories! 

🎃Halloween Card Making🎃

Making and Crafting is a joy in its self what we want to focus on here is the act of giving. 

As social creatures we yearn for interaction and communication. 

As part of this activity have your pupils make cards for a friend or family member is a great activity to bring out their creativity as well as their generosity.  

We have linked to a video for some inspiration! 

🎃Spooky, Scary Ear Buds🎃

Did you know ear buds look like bones! 😂 You can easily incorporate these “bones” into your maths lessons as a manipulative. Children can use cotton ear buds to count or make 3D shapes. Let their imagination run wild. 

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