Curriculum Plans

Whole School Wide, Well Thought Through

Embedding Wellbeing

All our curriculum plans include a full set of lesson plans and resources for a half term for all ages in primary schools. These lesson plans and resources help to embed wellbeing in each and every classroom and deliver students the support and information they need to improve their own wellbeing.  

At the end of each lesson, there is an activity that can be assigned to students to complete at home on the app. 


The Guide to Life covers the entirety of the new RSE curriculum and include half terms content on:

  • All about us,
  • All about me,
  • Healthy body healthy mind,
  • Reconnect,
  • Families,
  • Friendships & relationships,
  • Being me,
  • Being us.

Belonging, Relationships, Connections and Attachments

As Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs demonstrates, our basic human need is to feel safe and to belong. Having a sense of belonging and purpose is essential to function effectively and feel well. School will have given many children their sense of belonging and many may have struggled with the loss of this. Reconnecting with school life and with that sense of belonging will be essential for children to feel emotionally safe and be ready to re-engage with learning. 

Create warm and welcoming environments which build a sense of belonging and spend extra time establishing this belonging through activities that rebuild relationships and establish new ones. Activities to build a sense of ‘teamness’ will enable students to feel a sense of attachment and reconnect with these relationships which is fundamental after a prolonged period apart. Focusing on values such as cooperation, teamwork, equality, fairness and trust will create a culture where children can begin to flourish again. 

RSE Curriculum

The sessions in the Guide to Life focus on building back the sense of connectedness and belonging in both established and new relationships; building the ‘team feeling’ of the class to strengthen attachments and ensure every child feels valued and cared for. In addition, the sessions also develop self-awareness around emotional wellbeing and proactively strategies for self-care and self-regulation.