PSHE helps children to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to manage the challenges of life and make the most of every opportunity.

An effective PSHE programme raises aspirations, removes barriers to learning, and most importantly, improves the life chances of children.

The national curriculum states that “all schools should make provision for personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE), drawing on good practice”. PSHE education contributes to schools’ statutory duties outlined in the Education Act 2002 and the Academies Act 2010 to provide a balanced and broadly-based curriculum and is essential to Ofsted judgements in relation to personal development, behaviour, welfare and safeguarding. The relationships and health aspects of PSHE education will be compulsory in all schools from 2020.

Guide to Life & PSHE

Guide to Life encompasses all aspects of the PSHE and RSE curriculums, bringing schools and students a comprehensive curriculum for maximum positive impact on learning and life skills.

Using Guide to Life, children will develop their metacognitive skills, as well as their wellbeing, resilience, self-worth, team working, agile thinking and risk management skills.

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Today’s children and young people are growing up in an increasingly complex world and living their lives seamlessly on and offline. 

This presents many positive and exciting opportunities, but also challenges and risks. 

In this environment, children and young people need to know how to be safe and healthy, and how to manage their academic, personal and social lives in a positive way.

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The Guide to Life helps to put in place key building blocks of healthy, respectful relationships with a focus on family and friendships, including online friendships. This sits alongside the essential understanding of how to be healthy.

Teaching about mental wellbeing is essential in today’s world. 

We know that children and young people are increasingly experiencing challenges, and that young people are at particular risk of feeling lonely. 

The Guide to Life helps give students the knowledge and capability to take care of themselves and know when to seek support if problems arise.

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The Guide to Life supports the existing work of schools and teachers in helping to foster pupils’ wellbeing and to develop resilience. 

This new curriculum area is a huge opportunity to help our children and young people develop. The knowledge and attributes gained will support their own, and others’, wellbeing and attainment and help young people to become successful and happy adults.

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