My Activity Passport

The ‘My Activity Passport’ list was part of the UK Government’s vision for every child to have the opportunity to enjoy new and varied experiences – no matter their background -.

It’s a list of 20 activities for each year group covering key areas:

  • drive and tenacity;
  • sticking at the task at hand;
  • understanding how to work towards long term goals when reward might be a long way off in the future; and
  • being able to pick yourself up and bounce back from life’s challenges.
My Activity Passport, the 5 Ways to Wellbeing and the 50 Things to do before you’re 11 3/4 feed into the approach behind the Guide to Life to ensure our process and resources actually help the wellbeing of children and not just cover the curriculum.
My Activity Passport front page

The My Activity Passport Activities:


1. Visit a farm

2. Paint a self portrait

3. Plant some bulbs and watch them grow

4. Go on an autumn walk

5. Make leaf rubbings

6. Make a sandwich

7. Taste a new fruit

8. Visit a place of worship

9. Fly a kite

10. Make a paper boat and see if it floats

11. Perform a song

12. Re-tell a story to an audience

13. Post a letter

14. Meet a friend’s pet

15. Search for butterflies outdoors

16. Take a photograph

17. Make a treasure map

18. Dress up like a pirate

19. Look up where you live on a map

20. Have a teddy bears picnic

Year 1

1. Record different sounds and ask others to guess what they are

2. Make some biscuits

3. Make and taste chapattis

4. Make a puppet

5. Put on a shadow puppet show

6. Borrow a book from a library

7. Discover what is in a pond

8. Create a piece of art for an exhibition

9. Look up at the stars on a clear night

10. Perform a dance

11. Go on a hunt for some insects or small creatures

12. Make a home for an insect or small creature

13. Create a class collage

14. Create a comic strip

15. Take part in play day

16. Roll down a hill

17. Make a daisy chain

18. Join an extra-curricular club

19. Build a den

20. Perform in front of your class

Year 2

1. Plan a party

2. Play a board game

3. Learn a poem off by heart

4. Take a trip to the seaside or walk alongside a river

5. Bake a cake

6. Buy something and check your change

7. Write a weather report for your class

8. Build a bridge and test its strength

9. Become a nature detective

10. Dress up as a superhero

11. Make a film

12. Start a vegetable patch

13. Pick blackberries

14. Get soaking wet in the rain

15. Go bird watching

16. Learn a French song

17. Walk barefoot on the sand or on a nature trail

18. Start a collection and share it with your class

19. Walk to a local landmark

20. Make a mask

Year 3

1. Compose a piece of music

2. Take part in a Roman banquet

3. Eat something you’ve not tried before

4. Create a mosaic

5. Design and make a board game

6. Climb a tree

7. Create a soundtrack for a piece of film

8. Make a pinhole camera

9. Make a musical instrument

10. Light a candle

11. Learn a new game

12. Make something out of wood

13. Cook outdoors

14. Learn to play a game of cards

15. Tell your class about your favourite character from a book

16. Produce rubbings of fossils

17. Try yoga

18. Eat something you have grown

19. Visit an art gallery

20. Stay away from home for a night

Year 4

1. Make chocolate

2. Create a display for show and tell

3. Write and perform a poem

4. Perform in a play

5. Watch a play or a dance production

6. Use a camera to document a performance

7. Choreograph a dance

8. Make a sculpture

9. Create a sculpture trail

10. Explore inside a cave

11. Walk through a forest

12. Learn about a new religion and visit a new place of worship

13. Make up your own game and teach it to someone

14. Visit a museum

15. Skim stones

16. Visit a castle

17. Swim outside

18. Learn to sew on a button

19. Go hiking

20. Take part in a treasure hunt

Year 5

1. Take part in a debate

2. Learn something new about your local area

3. Learn to moon walk

4. Make and launch an air powered rocket

5. Use an OS map

6. Go orienteering

7. Do a blind folded taste test

8. Write a story for the Reception class

9. Make a large scale model

10. Visit a science laboratory

11. Write a play

12. Experience a Victorian school room

13. Put on a performance

14. Make papier mache planets

15. Climb something that is taller than you

16. Walk to the top of a hill

17. Write in hieroglyphics

18. Pick litter in your local area

19. Plan and cook a meal

20. Design and make an electric model

Year 6

1. Keep a diary for a week

2. Take a trip on a train

3. Send an email

4. Learn to knit

5. Write a speech

6. Vote in a school election

7. Plan a tour around your local area

8. Interview someone

9. Visit a local charity and find out how you can support them

10. Learn how to access the news

11. Design a product or business idea and pitch it to ‘investors’

12. Choose objects to put in a time capsule

13. Write and record/broadcast a radio play

14. Sleep under canvas

15. Make a dessert

16. Organise tea for parents and carers

17. See the sun set

18. See the sun rise

19. Go on a picnic

20. Visit a new city

Take a Look at the Guide to Life

My Activity Passport activities are designed to boost resilience and give each child the opportunity to keep learning about themselves and the wider community. We have embedded many of the Passport's activities into Guide to Life to support both physical and mental wellbeing.