Fun Activities To Try Throughout The Summer 2021

Summer is here, the kids are off so it’s time to start frantically searching for some fun activities to do over the summer holidays, look no further Guide to Life has got you covered! 

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Table of Contents

Make Ice-Cream

Who doesn’t love an Ice-Cream on a hot summer’s day?

Make a sweet treat with your child’s favourite flavours or experiment with new flavours!

summer activities

Garden Camping

summer activities

Not going on holiday this summer, that’s okay take staycation to the next level with camping in the garden. 

Grab a tent (if you don’t have one already), pitch it in your garden together and fill it with blankets, cushions and any other home comforts. 

For more nature fun activities check out “50 things to do before I’m 11 3/4”.

Painting Rocks

Get those creative juices flowing with painting on rocks, find a rock while out on a walk and give it a good wash. Now the fun begins your kids can decorate with whatever art supplies you find around the home.  

BONUS: To really make this a fun activity and to keep your kids engaged with their wellbeing ask them to think of how they are feeling and for them to express that in their painting.  

Garden Stargazing

Perfectly tying into garden camping is another fun activity to do at night.

Show your kids how to locate Orion’s Belt and many other stars.

  • Here’s a great stargazing guide.

Water Fight

A good old-fashioned water right in the garden is an awesome idea.

Get everyone involved with water pistols, water balloons and even the hose pipe. Set up teams or last man standing, it’s your choice. 

Never ending giggles ensured! 

Blowing Bubbles

Whether it’s with a bubble machine or a single set of bubbles to blow out of, bubbles lighten the mood and do wonders for entertainment.

Younger kids will enjoy running through them or blowing them! 

Make a Video

Get your children to make a memory with using a camera on your phone or an actual video camera.

They can record the summer-y nature outside with commentary, conduct talk shows outside, or be actors and actresses and recreate their favourite scenes from movies– something fun and amusing to look back on. 

Kids Science Experiments

fun activities

Are your children really into science?

Whether they are or not doing science experiments together is a summer activity that will make them go wow!

Increase their brain power and curiosity with these awesome science experiments. 

Craft Pipe Cleaners

By simply taking different coloured pipe cleaners and other craft supplies you can create an array of animals, objects and flowers. 

Let your child’s imagination run wild and see what they can create! 

Need some help getting started follow the video tutorial on how to make 4 simple animal pipe cleaner designs.  

Visit a Swimming Pool

As Covid-19 restrictions have now lifted you may want to try visiting a swimming pool again.  

They might want to play a game of toss in the water, dive for objects or float around on a noodle, it’s the ultimate kids summer activity! 

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