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Written by experienced teachers, members of SLT and school wellbeing experts, this guide is full of practical and useful ideas for your school.

✔️5 Ways to Wellbeing
✔️Growth Mindset
✔️Tips for SLT
✔️Tips for School Staff
✔️Tips to Help Students
✔️Tips to Look After Your Own Wellbeing
✔️Help to teach RSE & PSHE

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    About Us

    The  Guide to Life set of school resources has been created in partnership by Team + and Emile Education to assist teachers to help their students’ wellbeing.

    Team + created an approach to wellbeing that they delivered themselves into over 50 schools in 2018/19. This approach has evolved into a full wellbeing and recovery course that covers the Relationship Education curriculum and the Health Education curriculum.

    How does it Work


    Training to give teachers the confidence, knowledge and techniques to lead an effective wellbeing programme, with the very latest content on what really works in schools and at home.


    A full suite of resources to build a bespoke wellbeing curriculum for your pupils, including interactive lesson plans and strategies & techniques to support children to check in with themselves and understand their own wellbeing.


    The Guide to Life app links pupil rewards to wellbeing techniques, bridging the home-school connection using engaging strategies & ‘how to practise’ videos to support children and parents at home.