growth mindset ks2

A Growth Mindset for KS2
Support for Teachers

A Growth Mindset for KS2 Students is one of the foundations of great SATs results. It emboldens them to challenge themselves and gives them the right attitude in their lives to tasks and growth.

Improve wellbeing in your school

Improve Wellbeing in YOUR School –
7 Top Tips for the SLT

These top tips are for the SLT to help improve wellbeing in their school. Based on “A whole school framework for emotional well-being and mental health” by the National Children’s Bureau, which included a summary of systematic reviews by Professor Weare, we hope these help.

guide to life introduction

Giving children a great start in life

We built Guide to Life to make sure that we were giving children in our schools a better deal. Working with a number of schools & understanding more about children’s and staff needs we created a full years curriculum