Back 2 School- 5 Constructive Children’s Wellbeing Tips

It’s time to go back 2 school.

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Table of Contents

Back 2 School

It’s time to go back 2 school with another academic year is upon uschildren’s wellbeing has always been important and as school starts again it can become a stressful and anxious time for some pupils.

We believe that pupils should feel comfortable and in control when returning to school that is why we have cultivated these tips on how to develop a positive mindset towards going back to school.  

Emotional Support

back 2 school

Knowing how your child is feeling is important (anxious, worried etc.) focus on listening and providing emotional support when asking them what is worrying them. Reassure them that you can work together through whatever is bothering them to do with school. 

  • Reassurance is something that many children that are worrying look for again and again. 
  • For tips and ways to start a conversation with your child about how they are feeling, click here

Manage & Strategy

For your child to be open to you about how they are feeling it’s now time to work on strategies to help them express and manage how they are feeling.  

Different things work for different people- it’s the beauty of what makes us all unique! Try out many strategies and talk them through until your child feels comfortable in managing their strategy and feelings.  

  • This could be spending time with particular friends, listening to music, reading, playing sport, drawing, cooking or watching their favourite film.


It is important that your child continues their management and strategy even when at school to make sure they can overcome their negative emotions about going back 2 school. 


morning routine

Sticking to a routine can anchor us and show some stability in this unpredictable world. Start off small by planning a morning routine with your child that can be followed each day.  

Make it personal to how your household works together in the mornings and think of what needs to be done from getting up to arriving at school.  

This will help create a sense of security for your child in that one thing within the day doesn’t change and is a stable place to work from for the rest of the day.  

BONUS: To really make your child feel comfortable about going back 2 school and working on their wellbeing schedule in this routine before they school starts, so they can feel more comfortable with the routine and not as overwhelmed.  

Worry Journal

If your child feels especially anxious about going back 2 school, consider using a worry journal. Explain to them that this is a special place where they can document how they are feeling throughout the day and write down worries when they come into their head. 

Writing out these anxious thoughts can help them from becoming too overwhelming. Tracking these thoughts can help to pinpoint what about school triggers their anxiety and therefore becoming a starting point in addressing those areas and working on them together.  

Worry Box Vs. Self Soothe Box

back 2 school

Worry Box 

  • It’s time to get creative with decorating any box such as a cereal box or shoebox together. Explain that you are going to designate time throughout the day (maybe after school) and call it “worry time”! This is when your child will write down things, they are anxious about. Then post it in the box and close the lid the point of this is that as the worry goes into the box it doesn’t come out again and therefore, they don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day.  
  • If your child found it beneficial you can also, set time aside for you both to talk about worries together.  


Self Soothe Box 

  • This is more for older years but can work for young children too.  
  • Find another box and decorate with things that your child likes or is into. 
  • Fill it with all the things that helps them when they are feeling worried. 
  • Keep in mind the following topics that could fill their self soothe box 
    • Touch 
    • Memories 
    • Smell 
    • Music 
    • Water 
    • Calming Cards 
    • Quotes and Affirmations 
  • When they are feeling worried, they can go to this box and interact with their items to help self soothe themselves.  

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