Meet Emile -
Our Wellbeing Warrior.

Emile is the name of our main character and features heavily in our Student App and Classroom Resources.

Students venture into Emile’s universe, and on completing activities and assignments, earn rewards. 


Scrambler was a simple dinosaur who lived alone.

One day, when Scrambler was out looking for  food, he tripped over something buried in the ground. He quickly dug it up and taking a closer look, discovered it was a Knowledge Gem. 

Being a simple dinosaur though, Scrambler had no idea what a powerful object he had discovered. He dusted the dirt off and the gem began to glow. Before Scrambler knew it, he had received his first taste of intelligence from the Knowledge Gem.

Knowledge Gems. ​

After getting a taste of knowledge, Scrambler became obsessed with tracking down as many knowledge gems as he could; hoarding them for himself without sharing his knowledge with others, hoping to be the only intelligent life form.

As Scrambler continued his quest, becoming smarter and smarter he came to the conclusion that other planets throughout the galaxy must also have Knowledge Gems. 


The Heist

Scrambler’s quest inevitably brought him to Emile’s planet. He executed a simple heist as had done countless times before netting another huge haul of gems.

However, Emile spotted the heist. With the help of his best friend Aimee (the Artificial Intelligence Maths EnginE) they had the courage to chase after Scrambler to save his people and get back their Knowledge Gems. It was from then on Emile and Aimee decided it was their duty to help protect other planets throughout the galaxy from Scrambler and his quest for stealing knowledge.

Emile & Aimee

Emile and Aimee now travel throughout the universe sharing their knowledge to help solve problems on the planets they visit and most importantly stop Scrambler from stealing all the knowledge in the universe.

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