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The Guide to Life is a blended learning solution giving teachers the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver PSHE, RSE, PE, health and wellbeing sessions in a way that delivers a visible impact to each and every child.

What is the Guide to Life?

Based around the 5 Ways to Wellbeing50 Things to Do Before You’re 11¾, PHSE, RSE & PE curriculum content, the Guide to Life combines bespoke training, interactive resources and a home-school app to develop a whole community approach to support and enhance long term wellbeing.

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Who is the Guide to Life for?

The Guide to Life is a holistic approach to health & wellbeing; giving teachers, school leaders and school staff the skills, knowledge and confidence to support each child.

The learning covers all aspects of the PSHE and RSE curriculums, as well as incorporating PE, physical activity and mental health.

The Guide to Life app can be used at school and at home by parents, giving children the opportunity to use the techniques they have learnt at school in the home environment, and empowering parents to support their children with this.

The Guide is for primary age children, with differentiated content for              Early Years, KS1, lower and upper KS2 pupils. 

How does it work?


Training to give teachers the confidence, knowledge and techniques to lead an effective wellbeing programme, with the very latest content on what really works in schools and at home.



A full suite of resources to build a bespoke wellbeing curriculum for your pupils, including interactive lesson plans and strategies & techniques to support children to check in with themselves and understand their own wellbeing.


The Guide to Life app links pupil rewards to wellbeing techniques, bridging the home-school connection using engaging strategies & ‘how to practice’ videos to support children and parents at home.

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“Research shows that pupils with higher levels of wellbeing generally perform better academically and schools using programmes to develop social skills have improvements in attainment and behaviour.”

Chief Medical Office, Public Health England. 


The Guide to Life training programme is for any member of school staff.

We can provide at school or virtual training for your staff team to support effective implementation, empowering you & your team to have confidence in teaching a RSE, PSHE and wellbeing curriculum.

Recorded follow up sessions and guided lessons, give further guidance and practical application strategies for each element of the Guide to Life.

Video tutorials featuring the practical mindfulness and strategies to teach to pupils are also provided.

The importance of parental engagement in children’s learning is widely acknowledged. Evidence suggests that it has many benefits, such as improvements in literacy and maths skills, better school attendance and closure of achievement gap. 

Education Endowment Fund

Resources -
A Teacher's Toolkit

The Guide to Life resources include:

  • PSHE, RSE, PE and 5 Ways to Wellbeing lesson plans for all year groups (FS to Y6), organised in themed curriculum blocks, with searchable topics.
  • Interactive guided wellbeing strategies and techniques.
  • Extension and differentiated activities for additional learning and support. 

Guided Lessons & Follow Up Sessions

A full set of videos giving further guidance & practical application strategies for the whole Guide to Life

App for Children and Parents

The Guide to Life app engages families to enhance at home wellbeing.

The app features strategies and techniques for children to support their wellbeing, building on what they’ve learnt in school.

Wellbeing activities can be logged through the app so that teachers can easily measure engagement and identify additional areas for support. 

The app encourages children to reflect on their wellbeing, develop self-care strategies and get to know & understand what works for them.

What will I get ?

Each school has its own distinctive culture, needs and priorities. Guide to Life has been designed to support this, with flexibility for you to choose which elements of the Guide work for you and your pupils.

Guide to Life works best as a full programme including training, resources and the app as this provides a whole school approach to actively develop pupil wellbeing at school and at home.

Team+ will work with you to find the best solution for your needs, ensuring you see maximum impact for your children, staff and parents.

How do I know it works?

Giving children the best possible start in life is our absolute passion and drives everything we do.

We have been working with primary schools for over 11 years, developing pupil health and training school staff. Our track record speaks for itself, but don’t just take our word for it, here’s Alex the Headteacher at Carlton Primary Learning Centre where we have been running Guide to Life with them for the past academic year.

It can be difficult to ‘measure’ wellbeing. When you implement Guide to Life at your school, we believe you won’t need to measure as you see the evidence all around you. Positive health and wellbeing supports engagement, learning capacity, behaviour, attendance and much more.

Team+ will work with you to ensure the effectiveness of the programme at school, from support with training, to implementation, to delivery and evaluation of the programme. There are weekly check-ins available with our team and live chat available through the members area of the Guide to Life portal.

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